Department of Homeland Security Preparing for an Invasion or Civil War


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We have talked about it before.  Why is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) buying ammunition and military vehicles to outfit an army? If we are invaded by another country, our national guard is here to protect us along with the military stationed in the US.  Why does the DHS think it needs an arsenal?  Are they planning to use them along with Obama’s drones?


DHS has purchased 360,00 rounds of hollow point ammunition.  They already had over 2 billion bullets.  Bis Sis when first asked, just said they were buying in bulk because it was a cost savings.  Then she said they were going to use them in practice.  First, with Sequester they had to let go 2000 illegal aliens and felons, or so they said.  Second, they do not use the hollow point ammunition for practice.  Both are bold face lies.  Given the actions of the White House, lying is acceptable, because no one will do anything about it.  If Congress wants to question them, they just don’t answer.


360,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition to add to the roughly 2 billion bullets already bought over the past year. Since they don’t use this ammunition for practice, they must be planning to use it in a battle.  But according to the Geneva Convention  it is a violation  to use hollow point ammunition on the battle field.  So what is really the need for these?  Are they planning for an attack on the American people?  Is this how they plan to take the guns away from the public?   Every person that Obama has working for him is questionable.  Democrats say the Republicans are dividing their own party.  That might be true.  But the Democrats are dividing our nation, pitting neighbor against neighbor. Same thing happened during the civil war.  Think this can’t happen again?  Try looking around, it anin’t looking so good right now.


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Author: Carrie Welborn

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