Iran Says Its Nuclear Program Is Peaceful

Israel has threatened to take military action against Iran on many occasions,  if Iran doesn’t stop their nuclear program.  Iran claims that their nuclear development is for peaceful use.  Obama says we should all sit down and work this out diplomatically.

In a speech today, Khamenei said he is not opposed to talking to the US to resolve their problem with Israel, but he is not optimistic that any talks would change anything.  “The Americans constantly send messages to us through various ways, saying let’s hold bilateral talks on the nuclear issue.  I’m not optimistic on these talks because our previous experiences show that dialogue, in the logic of American gentlemen…means let’s sit down and talk so that we will accept America’s views  This is not dialogue.  This is imposition and we won’t give in to it,” Khamenei informed.

Khamenei, how do you think we Americans feel?  Obama says, “Let’s sit down and try to come up with a plan to deal with spending, budgets, deficits, and Sequester, and gun control,

ayatullah khamenei

ayatullah khamenei (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” and what he really means is, sit down with me and accept my views.  This is not dialogue.



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Author: Carrie Welborn

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