No Wonder Lois Lerner Pleaded the 5th She Has a History of Hating Conservative Christians

Lois pleaded the 5th today, but seems like she out smarted herself.  She will have to return to testify since her opening statement voided her right to take the 5th as her defense.  Lois also before moving to the IRS, brought about the largest law suit against the Christian Coalition while working for the Federal Election Commission.  She lost in court, after harassing them for several election cycles.  It seems she also asked the conservatives  if Pat Robertson had prayed over them.  Clearly she is a Democrat and  a possible atheist, cause she sure has a big hang-up about prayer.  Something she is going to wish she had when the Poop hits the fan!  Funny how similar the circumstances are. You can change jobs, get promoted, and get bonuses, but you can’t run away from truth, justice, and the wrath of Tax payers!

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Author: Carrie Welborn

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