You Don’t Plead the Fifth Unless You Have Something to Hide

Lois Lerner plead the fifth today before the House OverSight and Government Reform Committee.  She read her opening statement and said that I am not guilty of any wrong doings.  Then she left.  Now there is some legal issue as to whether the statement she made means that she waived her rights.  Still to be determined if she will have to appear again to testify.  One thing is certain, you don’t plead the fifth unless you think you are in trouble or have made statements earlier that were not true.  It still remains how everyone that is in charge at the IRS, doesn’t know any names of those who are responsible.  Talk about a cover-up.  Guess when your White House is allowed to get away with the same procedure, others are willing to give it a shot also.  The leadership of our White House is inexcusable.  Time to get rid of the whole bunch.

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Author: Carrie Welborn

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